Silicon Slag

Silicon Slag is a by-product of silicon metal production. It's the separated part which are less purity of silicon metal. Usually silicon slag contains higher contents of Fe, Al, Ca and other oxide. Silicon, with other elements like Fe, Al, Ca, have strong reaction with oxygen; Meanwhile other impurities are oxide also are not harmful to liquid steel. Those characters made silicon slag to be a great de-oxidizer. Guoxiang metallurgy is professional silicon slag supplier in China with high quality, competitive price and high reputation. Welcome to visit our factory.

Silicon slag is a kind of colloid polymer with high water content with yellow green appearance, strong adsorption and complicated structure. The main ingredients are silicate and water, it shows acidic after water immersion, PH < 1, the solid content at 20%.
Silicon slag can not only be used for producing white carbon black, after processing but also be used as cement materials or making ordinary firebrick. Silicon slag can be recycled through recrystallization and purification again to realize silicon material use again make silicon slag fully used. The recycle value is relatively high.

Applications of Silicon Slag:

★ Deoxidizer for steelmaking;
★ Substitute of silicon metal and ferrosilicon;

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