Pipe Mold Powder

Pipe mold powder is based on ferrosilicon alloy and mixed with other special materials. Mould powders are essential for the stability of the continuous casting process at all casting speeds. The main functions of mould powder are to provide strand lubrication and to control mould heat transfer in the horizontal direction between the developing steel shell and the water-cooled copper mould.

Introduction of Pipe Mold Powder:

Pipe mold powder is based on ferrosilicon alloy and mixed with other special materials.
The alloy elements and particle size have been strictly designed and controlled, which can effectively reduce the degree of supercooling, inhibit the formation of carbide, slow down the decay time, it has low sensitivity to the size of the casting, the inoculation effect has good consistency.
Pipe mold powder has the effect of instantaneous strengthening inoculation, meanwhile eliminating blowhole and pinhole on the outer surface of casting pipe, pipe mold powder has the effect of third-time inoculation and extend the service life of pipe mold.

Mold powder
Si>60, Ba6-8. Ca>1. Al>1, Size: 0-0.3mm
Si: 60-65%, Al: 1-1.5%, Ca: 2-4%, Ba: 2-3%, Size: 0-0.3mm

Si: 60-68%, Ca: 1-3%, Ba: 6-8%, Al: <1.5%, Moisture:<0.6%

FeSiBa Inoculant
Si>65. Ba>4. Ca>1. Al>1,Size: 0.85-2.36mm

FeSiBa Inoculant
Si>60. Ba6-8. Ca>1.5-3. Al>1,Size: 0.3-1.5mm

Parameters of Pipe Mold Powder:

Mold powder

Chemical Composition %










1.5% Max






1.5% Max

Note: The chemical composition, granularity and packaging can be customized according to customer requirements.

Features of Pipe Mold Powder:

1. Suitable for the production of cold centrifugal ductile iron casting pipe;
2. Rapid dissolution, inhibit the generation of carbide substance, promote the generation of ferrite;
3. Inhibit the generation of pores and improving the surface quality of the casting pipe;
4. Reasonable particle size distribution, uniform distribution in the pipe mold, protect the inner wall of the pipe mold, extend the service life of the pipe mold.

How to use?

1. Before pouring, spray 0.1-0.2% evenly into the inner wall of the pipe mold to protect the pipe mold;
2. In the pouring process, 0.1-0.2% is sprayed with the flow for inoculation.

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